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Electric Wire Hoist

What is Creep Hoist?

Cargo can be transported at high speeds and then the speed can be lowered during work to prevent overrun of cargo, and therefore, it allows safe and accurate implantation even without inching. It operates smoothly without high-speed and low-speed changes for quiet and accurate rising and lowering in short distances, and therefore, there is no chance for it to pass or not reach the desired stop location, and thus, not only is there no damage for precise processing material, but can also prevent accidents.

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  • KE Type

    This is an economic hoist with MONO RAIL Type and it is product that realized high-performance low prices

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  • LOW HEAD Type

    This hoist is optimal for buildings with low ceilings, and compared to MONO RAIL types with the same capacity, its winding hook height can be raised 250-400mm higher.

    Creep             → Standard        →
  • MONO RAIL Type

    This is suitable for repairs and light/medium Lifting work and it is economic compared to the Double Rail Type. In addition, curved work is partially possible depending on the upper I-BEAM (H-BEAM) orbit structure.

    Creep             → Standard        →

    When the upper space of the crane is very narrow, this hoist is used. In addition, the left-right and forward-backward hook access distance is large compared to the double rail type, making the available work space small.

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  • MAIN & AUX Type

    It is made up of a main/auxiliary hoist and work efficiency can be improved by using the main hoist for heavier loads and auxiliary hoist that is faster for light weights.

    Creep             → Standard        →

    The space that supports the upper part is small compared to the Mono Rail Type, and the left-right hook access distance can be used widely, thus allowing efficient use of work space.

    Creep             → Standard        →

    Control and repairs of the large capacity crane is simple, and it is a large hoist that exhibits powerful force unlike its light weight and small size.

    Standard        →

    This hoist is for raising and lowering cargo in a fixed area.

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