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Electric Chain Hoist

  • KD-1 Type

    KD-1 Type Hoist designed as low capacity has a small and graceful body and slip clutch and it is a future-oriented product of KUKDONG with complete safety and zero-defects and it is the best product with outstanding performance and improved work productivity.

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  • KD-2 Type

    KD-2 Type Hoist designed with low noise is a product that has a powerful motor, double brake and limit, and it pursues transportation loading rationality with the best safety.

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  • MN Type

    The single-phase mini hoist that uses a BLDC motor has an advantage with speed control using a volume dial and it applies slip clutch and mechanical brakes as a small/lightweight product pursuing safety making it easy to handle and install.

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  • Large Capacity Type

    The KD type electric chain hoist that has a capacity of 7.5 tons to 30 tons is an achievement made with years of experience and new technologies. The optimally balanced large capacity KD type hoist has a compound structure and it employs the KD-2 5 ton electric chain hoist parts and the safest structure of road chain and wheels.

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  • LOW HEAD Type

    This hoists increased the head height of the winding hook and it is used when the ceiling is raised higher than the cargo. It can be raised about 250-400mm higher than monorail-type hoists with the same capacity.

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  • Twin Hook Type

    It is normally difficult to transport large and long cargo, but this product makes it possible to raise or lower two or more load chains simultaneously to solve such issues. It allows safe and stable transportation and loading work of large and long cargo.

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  • Under Preparation

    KDV-1 Type

    Hoist using INVERTER

  • Under Preparation

    KDX-1 Type

    Economic hoist

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